SFP Transceiver Modules for DM-NVX Series

Crestron® SFP-1G series SFP Transceiver Modules are designed for use with DigitalMedia™ NVX series network AV encoder/decoder boxes and cards. A selection of modules is offered to accommodate various multimode and single-mode fiber types.

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Model Beschreibung
SFP-1G-BX-D SFP-1G-BX-D, Purple, 802.3ah, 1000BASE-BX10, SMF, Single LC
SFP-1G-BX-U SFP-1G-BX-U, Blue, 802.3ah, 1000BASE-BX10, SMF, Single LC
SFP-1G-LX SFP-1G-LX, Blue, 802.3z, 1000BASE-LX10, SMF, Dual LC
SFP-1G-SX SFP-1G-SX, Black, 802.3z, 1000BASE-SX, MMF, Dual LC